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Good governance 

In this workshop we will examine all aspects of good governance. The sessions will enable you to explore  what represents good governance at an operational level so that you can apply the learning in your day to day work.

Aims of the course

Each session will be divided into two main areas. In the first, we will consider the formal and structural context and administration of good governance: how the NHS is managed, inspected and regulated.

In the second part you will focus on the practicalities of good governance. This includes considering what are the information and data requirements to ensure that you are able to report on the quality and safety of your services. This will also involve examining what meetings or other processes need to be in place for the collecting, dissemination and discussion of this information, how often they should convene, and how they should be managed.

Finally, you will be involved in designing your own governance framework and be provided with a practical checklist to use in your day to day work


At the end of the session, you will have:

  • explored what governance is

  • an enhanced understanding of how the NHS, the trust and individual divisions and directorates are managed, and how that relates to your work area

  • explored what is required for your role in providing and supporting good governance for your area

  • covered the key skills and building blocks for establishing and maintaining good governance

  • identified risk at an operational level, and considered how to prevent and reduce risk

  • enhanced your understanding of what regulators, assessors and inspectors coming into your area will expect to see and observe

We offer tailored packages for different staffing groups clinicians, managers and senior managers and associate directors.

Meet the trainer

Howard - final LARGER file size 15 01 21

Howard Scott - Howard has worked in the NHS for over thirty-four years. A former nurse, he is a leader with
extensive experience of working at ward, directorate, divisional, trust, regional and national levels in clinical
and managerial posts. 


He has wide-ranging experience in governance, risk and change management, including quality and safety systems and processes.

He has worked within and across the NHS, local authority social services, and the Audit Commission, and has been the lead director for quality and governance at numerous organisations.


Howard has led many independent and serious incident investigations. He has worked with Facere Melius on the following assignments:

  • delivering RCA training

  • an independent investigation into multiple adult deaths

  • safety and well-led improvement at an NHS foundation trust

  • improvement and development of risk management systems at several NHS hospital and foundation trusts, and at a partnership trust Howard will lead and support many of the workshops, and coordinate the operational and logistical requirements.


from previous courses

“Really good session and the speaker had some really interesting insights and great knowledge of the topic"

Good governance awareness

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