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Report writing

This course is designed to enhance your ability to produce effective board and other reports.

Aims of the course

You will examine and explore the skills required to produce effective reports. This will include how to achieve an appropriate style and tone, how to construct the narrative, and how to write effectively and clearly for specific audiences and purposes. The session also includes thirty minutes of remote post-course coaching.



To improve understanding of what is involved in writing reports, and to develop and enhance report writing skills.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • an enhanced awareness of the nature and requirements of the target audience in order to practice writing skills and techniques that are appropriate to that audience, and to the purpose of the report

  • developed skills in report writing to ensure the required outcomes are clearly and effectively expressed

  • developed an enhanced understanding of structuring reports appropriately (depending on the report subject, purpose and audience)

  • developed skills in creating a logical and lucid narrative within the appropriate framework and structure of the report

  • developed the ability to write succinctly and clearly, while ensuring that key messages are conveyed unambiguously

  • developed the ability to self-assess, including proof-reading skills, and the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in one’s own report

  • demonstrated writing skills, and the capacity to learn from experience and adopt revised practices in writing

  • developed an understanding of technical and stylistic aspects of writing, including punctuation, spelling, structuring sentences and paragraphs, grammar, style (including appropriate ranges of vocabulary to suit the purpose, audience, and register) in order to improve writing skills

  • developed skills in incorporating and optimising the benefit of graphics and other non-verbal materials in a report

Pre-course work

Before the course begins, delegates will be asked to provide examples of a report or similar formal writing already undertaken. These can then be used in tutorial sessions.

After the course you will be offered one-to-one coaching to support the development of real-world board papers.

Meet the trainer

Simon portrait.jpg

Simon is a retired lecturer, with experience in further and higher education. Simon read English at the University of Bristol and was awarded his PhD in medieval English studies at


He has taught English (including linguistics) at tertiary and degree level for many years. Simon has published several academic works, as well as prose fiction and a literary/linguistic blog.


He is a director of a company specialising in conducting independent investigations,
providing quality assurance and text editing in the delivery of reports and official documents.

He has particular expertise in ensuring that written documents for public consumption are both factually accurate and clearly expressed. Simon has worked with Facere Melius as an
associate editor on the following assignments:

  • an independent investigation into a paediatric death

  • governance reviews

  • serious incident investigation reports

  • an independent investigation into multiple adult deaths

Simon will deliver our report writing workshop, and will be responsible for quality assuring the delivery of the programme.

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